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The IAA is a thriving Twin Cities artist collective that

catalyzes civic engagement; investigates scientific, technological, and medical controversies; and curates under-served community voices 
by translating complex issues into easy-to-understand:


  • Local, national, and international art exhibitions and installations;

  • Academic research and publications;

  • Public art criticism and

  • Educational materials for attorneys, teachers, citizens, and advocates.

The IAA's art curation, art creation, and art criticism focuses on:

  • Digital ethics: Race and tech; AI discrimination; disinformation

  • Public health: Environmental illness; mental illness; EMFs; auto-immunity

  • Identity: Autism, disability, feminism, masculinity, and reproductive rights

  • Free Speech: Artistic freedom, cross-cultural communication, digital DEI

The IAA's -- diverse and intersectional -- partners include:
ACLU MN; Reclaim the Block; The Little Earth HUD Community;
the Urban Educators; the Native Youth Arts Center;

the Institute for Digital Humanity; North Central University;

the Anti-Defamation League; Guns Down. Love Up.; Project Minnesota;

The Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives; Second Chance MN;

North Suburban Center for the Arts; Ohio State; Portland State; George State; Pittsburgh University Prison Writing Project

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IAA News and Hot Goss: January 2023

  • After the near-miss shooting of our Creative Director (in his living room in Minneapolis near the end of 2021), the IAA turned its attention to gun violence and trauma in our suffering city. (We have a wild guess that this has
    something to do with systemic racism.)  They got the guns, but we got the
    numbers. Footage and details of our launch roundtable is here.


  • #Privacy4AllPeriod. You'd have to be crazy to try to get rabid pro-life Evangelical Christians and pro-choice feminist organizations to put their swords down long enough to protect all women (and period-having people) from the insane medical and productive surveillance technology that is going to make Handmaid's Tale look like Woodstock, right?  Well, we're crazy.  And Privacy4AllPeriod is coming in Spring 2023.

  • The IAA is writing a memoir: "The Wet Marketplace of Ideas."
    It's about surviving COVID, Minneapolis, a 50/50 likely American civil war, and hi-tech tyranny. (It's funnier than it sounds.)  And we figured out how to write it so that it stands as an honest -- sometimes too honest -- account of what happens when, with life and death decisions on the line, conservatives and liberals have to actually debate, argue, and come to decisions. Look for more info around Fall 2023.


  • The College Chronicles Podcast: The IAA is shopping its first podcast.  Our brilliant partner Annie Sallee (Institute for Digital Humanity) has a killer (no pun intended) one on what it's like for students to live with -- and still have a life with -- chronic illness. Check out the College Chronicles page to watch the first episodes. More details coming soon.

curated exhibitions
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 juried installations
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publications and talks
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IAA Curator Victories:
Local, National, and International Juried Exhibitions

“All Bullets Shatter: Uncounted Stories of Gun Violence and Trauma”
Minneapolis, May 2022.
In partnership with: Guns Down. Love Up.; Protect Minnesota; The Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives; Institute for Digital Humanity; Second Chance MN; the Urban Educators; North Suburban Center for the Arts; Ohio State; Portland State; Georgia State; Pittsburgh University Prison Writing Project

“Plugging In: Race and Surveillance Workshop for Advocates and Educators”
Northeast Sculpture Garden, Minneapolis, October 2021.
In partnership with ACLU MN; Reclaim the Block; Institute for Digital Humanity; Safety Not Surveillance Coalition

“Digital Rights Are Civil Rights: Race and Technology"
Online and in Minneapolis, February 2021. International juried exhibition.
In partnership with ACLU MN; Native Youth Arts Collective; North Central University; the Institute for Digital Humanity; the POSTME Coalition; and City Councilman Steve Fletcher

“Contaminated: COVID and Mental Health”
Online and in Minneapolis, May 2022. International juried exhibition.
In Partnership with the Institute for Digital Humanity and North Central University


“Medical Unreliability and Sick Girl Theory”/“Sad Girls and Hopeful Women”
St. Cloud Zine Fest, 2020 / Twin Cities Zine Fest, 2019.
Cross-cultural zine exchanges on feminism and chronic illness

James Estwick

IAA Artists' Victories:
Grant Funded, Juried, and Invited Installations

(Group and Solo Shows):

Franconia Sculpture Park (Shafer, MN; 2021)

Ely Center for Contemporary Art (New Haven, CT; 2021)

934 Gallery (Columbus, Ohio; 2021)

Gallery 610 (Menomonie, WI; 2020)

Tugboat Gallery (Lincoln, NE; 2020)

Saint Cloud Zine Fest (Saint Cloud, MN; 2020)

Twin Cities Zine Fest (Minneapolis, MN; 2019)

Shelter in Place Gallery (Boston, MA; 2020)

Hallberg Center for the Arts (Wyoming, MN; 2020)

NE Sculpture Gallery (Minneapolis, MN; 2019)

Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (Seoul, South Korea; 2019)

Missouri Review (Miller Audio Prize for Humor, Runner Up; 2017)

University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment (Minneapolis, MN; 2017)

Northern Sparks Arts Festival (Minneapolis, MN; 2015)

IAA Critic Victories:
Publications, Grants, Conferences, Invited Talks

Macy Hyland

Curator Victories
Artist Victories
Critic Victories
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