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Program of Events

All Galleries will be open 6-8pm CST

6:00-7:00 Galleries open with artists

7-7:10 IAA and IDH Opening remarks in the Salon

7:10-7:20 Munira Mohamed (ACLU-MN) in the Salon

7:20-7:35 Councilman Steve Fletcher in the Salon

7:35-8pm Community Conversation in the Salon


Gallery One: ​Image Gallery

Calim Stamper

Trevor Coopersmith

Lance Johnson

Savior Allen-Knight

Hagen Klennert

Elieso Ortiz

Alondra M Garza

Gallery Two: Video Work

​Avital Meshi

Xavier McFarlin

Eyal Guss

Anlan Huang

Shadowban Video:

Pierre Chaumont

App Store:

"Facework" by Kyle MacDonald

Native Your Art Collective:

Hedi Haferman

Harrell Mathieu 

NYAC Members


Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy Members

Keynote Speakers:

Munira Mohamed (ACLU) 

Councilman Steve Fletcher

floor plan.jpg

"Digital Rights Are Civil Rights: Race and Technology"  

Exhibition opens Feb 19th, 2021
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