IAA Advocacy:
Environmental Illness

From auto-immune conditions to autism
-- and from depression to narcissistic personality disorder --
no one seems to know "why" chronic illness are growing
at an astronomical rate ever since digital technology (and mass polluting)
showed up. 

(It's a total mystery, right? And who gave thousands of "scientists" and "doctors"
((and an increasingly large pile of judges and lawyers))
to right tell us what is making millions of us sick
and ruining tens of millions of lives.  The nerve!)

Anyway, regardless of what it is, we -- the sick and disabled -- have to live with it. 
So IAA advocacy on "environmental illness" moves on two fronts:

Intervening in scientific health debates

when one side is cheating (that's usually the lawyers);

no one is listening to the scientists;

smart people on both sides
are talking past each other.

Making Sure "The Sick" Have a Voice


Or, in nerd speak:
We help build the conversation around public health controversies in our post-Truth, hyper-partisan age.  This involves publishing demonstrations of our methodology that academics and researchers can use to “triangulate” disciplinary disputes in the rhetoric of health & medicine, technology, and art. 

EMF Science

[Description is coming folks.  Hold yer horses, we're tired and working for free.)


EMF Science Publications and Academic Conferences:

  • “The Art of EMF Science: Aesthetics, Ethics, and Post-Digital Health Advocacy.” 
    With Steven Pederson and the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy.
    PostHuman: New Media Art 2020.  CICA Press, 2020.


EMF Science Installations (Juried & Grant Funded):