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IAA Advocacy:
Gun Violence

From domestic abuse to drive-bys to school shootings and everything in between, America is dealing with a shamefully unique epidemic of gun violence, leaving behind a trail of broken and grieving communities and a public that seems increasingly overwhelmed by -- and desensitized to -- an all-too common occurrence in the news cycle.

Sadly, the kinds of communities most impacted often have less access to those traditional institutional avenues in which they might articulate their needs and concerns.  And even when there are flare-ups of public outrage around our society's seeming inability to do anything about the gun violence epidemic, the lack of communal and organizational groundwork often means that recurring tragedies become overshadowed by other issues in a matter of weeks.

In partnership with organizations dedicated to thinking and talking about this issue, the IAA is hosting the "All Bullets Shatter" art exhibition to uplift the voices of victims of gun violence and to provide a space for people to discuss pertinent problems and questions in their communities.

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  • Gun Violence Exhibitions

  • Gun Violence Publications

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  • Gun Violence Partners

Curated Exhibitions and Civic Education

  • “All Bullets Shatter: Uncounted Stories of Gun Violence and Trauma.”  Organizer, Curator, and Host.  (International Juried Art Exhibition on Trauma.). With the Institute for Digital Humanity; Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy; Guns Down, Love Up; Project Minnesota; The Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (Ohio State, Portland State, George State); and the Pittsburgh University Prison Writing Project.  Minneapolis, MN.  May 2022.


Dr. McKain Exhibitions, Performances, and Civic Engagement Initiatives (Non-IAA)


  • “School Violence: An Interdisciplinary Approach.” Curator and Organizer.  (Student Art Installation on Gun Violence and Public Health.) Hamline University. Saint Paul, MN. December 2015.

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