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IAA Juried Installations:
Public Health and EMFs

What's the Problem with EMFs and Environmental Illness?

There are millions of people in this country suffering from and attempting to treat their over-and-underdiagnosed autoimmune and environmental i
llnesses.  For these people, investigating the unseen causes of their conditions is often a life-or-death issue.  And unfortunately, the medical legal communities are divided over causes and potential solutions.

What's the IAA's -- Proven -- Art Solution to the EMF Health Crisis?

Since 2017, the IAA has been producing juried art installations, academic conference presentations, publications as "investigative exhibits" that provide the public with an interactive multimedia experience of issues related to environmental illness and medical uncertainty.  These installations, along with supplemental publication materials, are curated for future use by academics, advocates, and attorneys as evidence in scientific debates and courtroom proceedings on the environmental health impacts of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

Want to Learn More About EMF Science (and the IAA's Solutions):

  • Click here for the IAA's EMF Research Initiatives


Want to Hire (or Partner With) the IAA on EMF Advocacy?

  • Our art exhibitions on EMFs are invaluable to lawyers, advocates, educators, lawmakers, and scientists.  Holler at us.

IAA EMF Juried and Peer Reviewed

  • "Cellular Home Invasion," CICA Museum, Seoul, South Korea, May 2019

  • Cellular Home Invasion, NE Sculpture Gallery

  • "Unsound Methods," Rhetoric Society of America, Minneapolis, MN, May 2018.

IAA Affiliate Juried and Peer Reviewed

  • Sonance

  • Operation Scarewaves

“Cellular Home Invasion.” International Solo Show.
Czong Institute of Contemporary Art. Seoul,South Korea; 2019.
With Dr. Aaron McKain, Prof. Allison Baker, Prof. Josh Gumilea, and Riley Miller.

Installation and Performance on Technology Health Effects.

Cellular Home invasio
n uses sculpture, sound, and live programming to examine
the competing scientific paradigms that currently,
but contradictorily, d
efine and govern the “health” and “normalcy” of our post-digital bodies and homes.

Click here to see the entire exhibit.

“Cellular Home Invasion.”  Solo Exhibition. . With Allison Baker and the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy.  NE Sculpture Gallery.  Minneapolis, MN.  June 2019.

“Unsound Methods.” Academic Conference and Presentation

“Sonance: An Interdisciplinary Discussion Concerning the Affects of Human Noise on Other Animals.”  Sound Performance and Art Residency.  With Josh Gumiela and Matt Sumera. University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment.  Minneapolis, MN.  November 2017.

“dronesTruck: Operation Como.” Curator and Organizer. (International Juried Sound Art Exhibition on Technology Health Effects.)  Saint Paul, MN. May 2016. 

  • “dronesTruck: Operation Scarewaves.” Grant Funded Art Installation.  (Public Sound Installation on Technology Health Effects.) Saint Paul, MN.  October 2015.

  • “Endlessly Repeating Endlessly.” Juried Multimedia Performance. With Michael Gallope, Josh Gumiela, Jason McGrath, Matt Sumera, and Travis Workman. Northern Sparks Arts Festival.  Minneapolis, MN. June 2015.

  • “dronesTruck.”  Juried Multimedia Installation.  (Interactive Exhibit on Digital Ethics.). With Josh Gumiela. Hamline-Midway Arts Festival.  St. Paul, MN.  June 2015.

“Operation: Scarewaves."  Grant Funded Multi-Media Installation.
Saint Paul, MN.  October 2015.
With dronestruck, Dr. Aaron McKain, and Josh Gumiela. 

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