What We Do

We are using art as a means of rethinking our shared sense of reality in a world that is hyper-polarized and saturated with digital media.

We believe that understanding the intersection of culture, politics, and cyberspace is particularly important at a time when concepts like “free speech”, “privacy”, and “public health” are being problematized against the backdrop of national division and technological disinformation.

We also believe that the creation and curation of new kinds of art spaces present a unique opportunity for bringing the general public into these kinds of conversations in a way that is inclusive, inviting, and intriguing.

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Where we've been

The IAA has exhibited internationally at The CICA Museum in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea; Zverev Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia; presented on Public Art As Rhetorical Intervention in Scientific Debates On EMF Health Effects at the Rhetoric Society of America; curated cross cultural zine exchanges between politically disparate educational institutions,  and has partnered with Little Earth Native American community housing development on digital ethics and algorithmic discrimination.