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IAA EMF Science Advocacy

What's the Problem with EMFs and Environmental Illness?

There are millions of people in this country suffering from and attempting to treat their over-and-underdiagnosed autoimmune and environmental i
llnesses.  For these people, investigating the unseen causes of their conditions is often a life-or-death issue.  And unfortunately, the medical legal communities are divided over causes and potential solutions.

Why the fuck can't doctors just fix this?


The confusion is coming from within the scientific community itself.  Physicists, biologists, and doctors can't seem to agree on what the thermal effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) mean for our health.  So we have two competing views of reality when it comes to the correlation between EMFs and environmental illness, and the fight between them can't be settled by appealing to science as such (they're both supposed to be on the "team" of science).  That's why we need alternative ways of "testing" the perception and measurement of EMFs and their potential environmental impacts  (and don't worry: we also hate the tinfoil crackpots and fake medicine peddlers; we're actual academics).

What's the IAA's -- Proven -- Art Solution to the EMF Health Crisis?

Since 2017, the IAA has been producing juried art installations, academic conference presentations, publications as "investigative exhibits" that provide the public with an interactive multimedia experience of issues related to environmental illness and medical uncertainty.  These installations, along with supplemental publication materials, are curated for future use by academics, advocates, and attorneys as evidence in scientific debates and courtroom proceedings on the environmental health impacts of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).




EMF Advocacy:
Publications and Academic Conferences

EMF Art Installations
(Juried & Grant Funded):

EMF Community Education:


The IAA is proud to have displayed our work on EMF science at the following galleries and museums:

  • Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (Seoul, South Korea)

  • Ely Center of Contemporary Art (New Haven, CT)

  • Tugboat Gallery (Lincoln, NE)

  • Franconia Sculpture Park (Shafer, MN)

  • NE Sculpture Gallery (Minneapolis, MN

EMF Publications, Talks, Conferences

  • “The Art of EMF Science: Aesthetics, Ethics, and Post-Digital Health Advocacy.”
    With Steven Pederson and the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy. PostHuman: New Media Art 2020.  CICA Press, 2020.

EMF Juried Installations

“Cellular Home Invasion.”International Solo Show.
Czong Institute of Contemporary Art. Seoul,South Korea; 2019.
With Dr. Aaron McKain, Prof. Allison Baker, Prof. Josh Gumilea, and Riley Miller.

Cellular Home invastion uses sculpture, sound, and live programming to examine
the competing scientific paradigms that currently,
but contradictorily,
define and govern the “health” and “normalcy” of our post-digital bodies and homes.

By aesthetically enacting the competing realities of two recent “cellular” revolutions

  • the scientific discovery of the microbiome

  • the emerging medical consensus on the health effects
    of the frequencies that power our phones and the “internet of things”


the IAA transformed the Czong Institute space into a surrealistic
(but scientifically true)
representation of the posthuman environments
that all citizens, patrons, and patients must now learn
(ethically and epistemologically) to navigate.

Click here to see the entire exhibit.


Publications, EMF Advocacy
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