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Uncounted Stories of Gun Violence and Trauma

"All Bullets Shatter"

Uncounted Stories of Gun Violence and Trauma

Minneapolis, May 2022
In partnership with: Guns Down. Love Up.; Project Minnesota; The Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives;
Institute for Digital Humanity; Second Chance MN; the Urban Educators;
North Suburban Center for the Arts; Ohio State; Portland State; George State; Pittsburgh University Prison Writing Project.

Over 20,000 bullets were fired in Minneapolis in 2021.

These stories of gun violence
are always “counted” in fatalities
and injuries.
But behind the numbers,
there is always an “uncounted”
human story of trauma for victims and their families
that can’t be qualified.

As a small step towards correcting this injustice,
and to amplify the stories and voices of these unheard victims,
the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy
– in partnership with the Institute for Digital Humanity, Guns Down. Love Up.; and the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives
– invited submissions to our
art exhibition and online storytelling archive:
“All Bullets Shatter: Uncounted Stories of Gun Violence and Trauma.” The original exhibition took place on May 5, 2022.

Because of the “living” nature of this archive,
there will be multiple events showcasing the art.
We already had one showing in Spring 2022,
with the launch of our online archive scheduled for 2023.
Submissions for this next exhibition
will begin in Spring 2023, so stay connected!

Event Footage

Roundtable Speakers:

  • ​Rashmi Seneviratne, Protect Minnesota

  • Ben McCorkle, Digital Archive of Literary Narratives

  • Abby Kosberg, North Suburban Center for the Arts

  • Blue-Rei Sun

  • Aaron Mckain, IAA Creative Director

  • Shea Sullivan, IAA Interim Associate Director

Roundtable Topics:

  • How Art can Help Students Work Through Trauma (w/ Blue-Rei Sun)​

  • Art is Therapeutic (w/ DJ Hill)​​

  • Art Accessibility: How to Reach More People with the Resources We Have

  • The Archive of Literary Narratives (w/ Ben McCorkle)

  • Breaking the Threshold Barrier: A Conversation About Increased Access to Art Therapy

Art Exhibits: Visual & Audio

"Letter Beginning with Two Lines by Czesław Miłosz"Author: Matthew Olzmann // Performer: DJ Hill
00:00 / 02:19

Performer: DJ Hill

"Poem"Michael Venske
00:00 / 02:30
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