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An Art Exhibition from the Early Pandemic on COVID's Cultural Impact

Minneapolis, May 2020.

In Partnership with: Institute for Digital Humanity


In this time of uncertainty, COVID-19 -- both at its height and in its aftermath -- has contaminated everything: our homes, our lives, our communication, and even our shared reality. But how can we use art to cleanse and decontaminate our world of the “political plagues” --  cultural divisions, medical inequities, and digital pollution -- that COVID has called greater attention to?  In order to start disinfecting ourselves -- and re-constructing our shared humanity (and reality)  -- the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy and the Institute for Digital Humanity solicited submissions to our juried show “Contaminated.”  Focusing on how COVID-19 has invaded every aspect of our lives -- but curated to catalyze cross-cultural conversations on our post-COVID-19 existence  -- “Contaminated” was hosted (virtually and physically) on May 7th, 2020.

Event Footage

  • Speakers:

    • Aaron Mckain, IAA Creative Director 

    • Allison Baker, IAA

  • Topics:

    • COVID-19 and Mental Health

    • Public Health in the Digital Age

    • Medical Inequities

    • Art Advocacy

    • Cultural and Digital Divisions

Art Exhibits

Zoom Meeting at 1pm2pm3pm4 by Sophie Warrick

Zen of the South by Jason West

Your Face Looks Familiar by Malgorzata Marta Zych

Viral by Elisabeth Morissette

Untitled by Macy Hyland

Unemployed During Coronacrisis 2020 by Gottfried Binder

The New Everyday by Sophie Donahue

The Love That Heals by Ciro Di Fiore

The Great Isolation by Josh Odd

Technology vs. School in This Trying Game by Emma Harrell

Stay at home, it's not a weak flu! by Guilherme Bergamini

Spring Flowers by BARD

Ocean Flowers by BARD

Canyon Flowers by BARD

Wash by Eusty Eveland

Quarantine Embodied by Kesha Lagniappe

Slipping by Max Vasilchuk

Spring 2020 by Christine Stoddard

Sit, Stay, Be Safe and Stay Well by Rachel Brokenicky

Running from the Man by DJ Hill

Seeing Monsters While in Isolation by Josh Odd

Quarantine Easter by Agnieszka Abramowicz

Remember to Thank the Universe by Shawn Ballarin

Quarantine by Rachel Brokenicky

Personal Space by Erhan Us

QuaranTeen by Madeline Rye

Pillow Pet by Tyler Jesse

Pandemic v1.0 and Personal Space by Erhan Us

Cleaning for Doomsday by Shelby Teal

Captain Trips by Josh Odd

Anxiety by Sonia Gil

Carrier of the Plague by David G. Danielson

Ambers by Rocio Soncini

A Papyrex Prayer to San Bernardino by Samantha Fisher and Simon Astor

A Picnic by Shelby Teal

Open Windows by Matt Haney

Pandemic 2020 by Anthony R. Whelihan

On the day of the trial, the rats failed to appear. By Andi Haus

No Future by Erhan Us

No. 554 by d. cleverly

Mowing The Lawn by Phoebe Grace

Mood by Meike Wallum

Masked Against COVID-19 by Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani

Loneliness by Ola Delecka

Leveling by Jason Brown

March by Phoebe Grace

Lady Liberty Clapback by DJ Hill

Isolate by Jason West

Ennui Isometric by Matti Doroff

Izolare by Annabella Meyer

Hunterwasser Gas Mask by Elisabeth Morissette

Faces of the COVID-19 Epidemic by Pawel

Circle Dance by Lauren Woods

Escapism by Ian Olsan

Distance and Panic byb Rusty Eveland

Exponential Growth by Allison Fox Schneider

Emergency by Erhan Us

Earth Overtaken by Bethany Pitchford

Crisis Requires Solidarity by Mara Garcia

Disproportionate Worry by Shelby Teal

Day 1 by Julie Simon

COVID-19 On the Frontlines...Of a Hardware Store by Abigail Dorland

COVID-19 Collages by Pawel Pacholec

Cover Your Mouth by Nikyra Capson

To Life by Eileen Shaloum and David Graves

Quarantine Contact by Manon Pichon

Objects and Cells 1 by Caspar de Gelmini

Help Me to Crash by Malgorzata Haduch, Maria Mavirdou, Arvind Ganga, and Roman Zotter

Presidential Thoughts by Gregory Wilkins

1 Minute Sketch COVID Man by Ken Wohlgemuth

Contaminated Footage
Contaminated Exhibits
Contaminated Narrative
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