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"Plugging In"
A Community Education Event on Digital Privacy, Surveillance, Public Safety, and Digital Ethics

Minneapolis, October 2021.

In Partnership with: Safety Not Surveillance Coalition; ACLU of Minnesota; Reclaim the Block; Institute for Digital Humanity

As with every other part of society, technology is changing public safety forever.  The need to ensure basic principles of human and civil rights in the mechanisms of digital public safety has never been more pressing.  Along with the Institute for Digital Humanity and the Safety Not Surveillance coalition, the IAA participated in a public discussion and technology workshop focused on surveillance, privacy rights, racial justice, and digital ethics. The event was hosted on October 20, 2021

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Event Footage

  • Speakers:

    • Munira Mohamed​, ACLU MN

    • Shea Sullivan and the Institute for Digital Humanity

    • Johnathon McClellan, Minnesota Justice Coalition

    • Simon Trautmann, Minnesota Justice Coalition

    • Chris Wayland, Restore the Fourth MN

    • Steve Fletcher, City Councilman

  • Topics Discussed:

    • Digital Policing​

    • Facial Recognition Software

    • Surveillance and Privacy

    • Art Advocacy

Event Photos

Plugging In Footage
Plugging In Photos
Event Summary
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