IAA Board

Executive Director (Interim) - Allison Baker

A sculptor with a bad back and maker of large things that clawed her way into higher ed with a thesaurus and words she cannot pronounce.

Creative Director (Interim) - Dr. Aaron McKain

His Einsteinesque nature speaks not only to his

looks but also to his mind. Brilliantly scatterbrained, caffeine and research fuel his intellect.

Director of Operations - Noah Tilsen

He lives inside a salt circle, patiently waiting for something from the abyss to peer back. He holds a realty license in Minnesota and a BFA in creative writing.

Director of Communications - Steven Pederson

He majored in English to learn how to be more of a person. He took art classes and learned how to socialize somehow. Now he’s an art whisperer, talking about how things talk to people.

Director of Education and Outreach - Harrell Matthieu

Criminal justice major. New Orleans transplant.

video game enthusiast.