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IAA Publications, Press
& Academic Conferences

We help build the conversation around public health controversies in our post-Truth, hyper-partisan age.  This involves publishing demonstrations of our methodology that academics and researchers can use to “triangulate” disciplinary disputes in the rhetoric of health & medicine, technology, and art. 



  • “The Art of EMF Science: Aesthetics, Ethics, and Post-Digital Health Advocacy.” 
    With Steven Pederson and the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy.
    PostHuman: New Media Art 2020.  CICA Press, 2020.


  • "In Two Voices."  With Amanda Aherns and Steven Pedersen. 
    Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine.  August 2020.


  • “Free Speech in Post-Digital America.”  With The Institute for Digital Humanity.
    Permanent Collection.  Hennepin County Library. September 2019.

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