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disinformation initaitives

Solutions to the root cause of echo chambers since 2003.

Dr. McKain's story:

Research & Development

Juried, grant-funded, or award-winning solo and group installations and performances.

  • Since 2015, Dr. McKain's students have used local, national, and international
    art exhibitions to call attention to the political, racial, informational,
    and environmental challenges of our post-digital world.

    Since 2017, this work has been in partnership with
    the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy and the Institute for Digital Humanity.

    Event footage can be found there.  A partial exhibition list is here:

  • Catalyzes civic engagement and curate under-served community voices by translating complex issues into easy-to-understand:

    • Local, national, and international art exhibitions and installations;

    • Academic research and publications;

    • Educational materials for attorneys, teachers; citizens, and advocates.

IDH R and D Solutions

Here's what idh r & d can do for you:

Cellular Home Invasion

International Solo Exhibition.  

Czong Museum for Contemporary Art

Seoul, South Korea.  2019.

w/ the institute for aesthetic advocacy