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Racist facial recognition software.  Predictive policing programs that target communities of color.  And discriminatory algorithms -- in employment, health care, education, and criminal justice -- that violate our privacy, threaten free speech, and replace human judgment with encoded systemic inequity.

The murder of George Floyd made it clear to the world that systemic racism is a life or death issue for people of color in America.  And -- in 2021 --  we need artists to help bring attention to the lawyers, scholars, and advocates across the country who are fighting for a just and equitable post-digital world.


In partnership with ACLU MN, Native Youth Arts Collective (NYAC), and the Institute for Digital Humanity, the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy invites submissions to our new juried art exhibition on race and technology: “Digital Rights are the New Civil Rights.” 

Focusing on the intersection of race and technology — and curated to catalyze local and national community conversations on digital ethics — “Digital Rights Are Civil Rights” will take place virtually and physically on Feb 19th, 2021.  Submissions are due Jan 14th. Early submissions are due 14th.  (See below for details.)


Any visual medium is welcome (including but not limited to: paintings, performance art, sculpture, video art, graphic design or any other forms or 2D and 3D art). 

  • Event and opening: Feb 19th, 2021, 4PM to 8PM 

  • Submissions due: Early submissions due Jan 14th, 2021 (early submissions have the opportunity to be included in the IDH’s documentary on the ACLU’s facial recognition ban legislation push). Submissions accepted until Feb 1st, 2021


A select number of accepted works will be exhibited physically at the Native Youth Arts Collective in Minneapolis. All selected works will be in the virtual exhibition space.  The top juried selected artists will be invited to have a discussion about their piece. 


  • How: Free. Submit up to 3 relevant pieces.


Call for Art: Race and Technology
“Digital Rights Are Civil Rights”

Submit your art here

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